python interpreter crash caused by graphics engine

So I found a way of crashing the python interpreter and wanted help figuring out if this is an actually issue or if i’m misusing something

first you need to grab the project here

it’s all 1 python file but there’s data involved to get this all happening, basically you run that and when you see the “hello” on the screen and click it, it’s supposed to load up the egg file for the level

and it gets all through my code and when GraphicsEngine::cull_to_bins is called after that it crashes everything

specifically i’ve narrowed it down to these lines of code:

		buffer ="1", 512, 512)
		from panda3d.core import LVector4f as Vec4
		buffer.setClearColor(Vec4(0, 0, 0, 1))
		camera = base.makeCamera(buffer)

which works fine if the ‘main thread’ is executing it, but in this scenario another thread is what’s executing it and that seems to be causing an issue (at least that’s my best guess)