Python IDE?

What IDE do you use?

  • IDLE
  • SPE
  • Dr Python
  • Pyscripter
  • PyDev\Eclipse
  • Other

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New to Panda3D, interested in using it to learn python. Now my question.

What are people using and why? I have seen SPE referenced many times, but what about Pyscripter, DrPython, etc. Are there any others?

What do you use, and what are the benefits of your choice over IDLE?.. In real terms I mean what features do you use every day that influenced your IDE choice?


Since a short time im using the free Komodo Edit under OSX.

i use pyDev on linux and win32

Eclipse is a great editor for all kinds of languages, with autocompletion etc. and error-checking-as-you-type :slight_smile:
Anyway, I use it for Python programming (Pydev) and for C++ (CDT) on Panda3D. It works great. It’s a bit heavy though, and I can understand why some prefer to choose a more lightweight IDE.

I use, notepad++

A quick answer from a newbie too.

The features I love from IDE are :

  • auto completion
  • syntax highlighting
  • code browser
  • project manager

This what I always use when working on a project. Eric4 has all these features and many more. I think that may be a good choice (I can’t use it because of some dumb net-installer in the dependances).

I use SPE instead, but it lacks some project management features.
But it has very good pydoc understanding, and it features a nice terminal (very useful to run some basic tests).

You can also take a look at Pida, which seems very nice.

I think SPE is not complete yet, but it provides good environment, mentioning few: accessible Output and Shell, one click run, some instance python related error checking and asking for command line argument. It has much more features. I have Wing IDE (PE edition) but ended up not using it in favor of SPE.

PyScripter is a great little IDE. Fast, stable and the debugger is easy to use.

Do you use PyScripter with Panda3D?

I use with Panda, you can customize it trough many ways :

  • external run
    or Tools configuration

the both can call ppython with your file or even create a command prompt within.

I get error after error with pyscripter…it does not like my machine :slight_smile:

…try Pype as well :smiley:

Pyscripter all the way :wink:

I use it with the external run option (Run>Configure external run> Command; Application: C:\Panda3D-1.4.1\python\ppython.exe).

I’m evaluating eric4 now… all the features seems nice but pre-requisite installation is taking a while…

Pyscripter in on my must-evaluate list too :slight_smile:


Oh… Pyscripter is awesome!!!

When i run my module using pyscripter with ppy, a black window appeared (panda3d project) and then close…
any idea ?

ok, problem solved ^^