Python IDE Choice

I am testing out some IDEs to make a decision on the one I will use for my Panda3D projects.
I like working with Visual Studio, but I have not yet figured out how to get auto-completion working (auto-completion is a must :smile: )
I tried pyCharm, and that works fine with auto-completion. The problem is, the pyCharm developers focused more on eye candy, and forgot that there are people over 65 who are interested in programming. Either that, or they don’t know very much about colors, because the editor is hard on the eyes. The font colors are bad combinations.

:tired_face: Oh, my poor eyes. It’s not just the older folk. Some young ones have problems with their eyes too.
I spent about half of an hour trying to change the colors, but some seem to be locked, so the best I came up with is this:

Still bad. :frowning:
Perhaps they need the Microsoft team to show them how to utilize color code.

Or they could focus more on the coding aspect, rather than pretty colors. I would change the dark theme, but dark themes dramatically ease the eyes… provided the designer knows that gray on a darker gray requires more eye strain.

So I was looking at Wing, and it looks like a good IDE. Only, it doesn’t use files in my virtual environment, as effectively as pyCharm does.
So it ignores my panda3d.pth file, and so, does not allow me to code with auto-completion.

Does anyone here use Wing, and or knows how to use it with Panda3D and auto-completion.

I apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum.

Okay, so after trying Spyder, which although having a better color coding, but does not do a good job with auto-completion, and produces errors for reasons I can’t figure, I have to stay with pyCharm, and try to manage, by copying the greyed fonts to a text editor, to read them. :tired_face:

Might PyCharm be more legible in a lighter theme?

Yes, but the glare from the screen is somewhat equivalent to a poorly designed black theme. The black theme refreshes the eyes significantly.
I think that is evident from its implementation in almost all applications now. It’s scientifically proven.

All that I can say is that I’ve had little trouble with the lighter theme myself, as far as I’ve detected. But if it doesn’t work for you, then fair enough!

(It may help in my case that I have a fairly light background to my monitors.)

(I will say that I’ve never really gotten along with dark themes–I find them less pleasant to look at than lighter ones, I think.)

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Maybe your eyes are better than mine, and you are not 65… Or both. :smile:

Very possibly!

(… Well, in the former case, at least–I think that I can with confidence state the latter! XD; )

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Since it looks like you’re on Windows, you could give PyScripter a try.

This is a Python IDE that I used a very long time ago and overall I enjoyed working with it. It has plenty of features – most of which I never even needed – including user-configurable syntax-highlighting (there were no limitations, if I recall correctly) and lots of auto-completion options.

What I liked most about it was its integrated Python interpreter (with code completion as well), great for quickly testing some simple code without having to save it out to a .py file first (or open a separate console window).

It has a portable version (version 4.1.1 being the latest at the time of this writing), so you can try it out without even installing it.

After a time I stopped using it, because there were some annoying editing bugs (which occurred with modules that had more than 1000 lines of code) and projects with many modules and packages slowed down auto-completion very noticeably, so this feature started to feel like a burden rather than an aid.

So now I’m just using Notepad++ (which also offers complete customization of syntax colors and has an – albeit quite basic – auto-completion feature as well) in conjunction with an ordinary command console and that works good enough for me; I don’t really need all those bells and whistles anymore anyway. :slight_smile:

That said, I can understand very well why you would want to enjoy the comfort given by an IDE.
And the bugs/annoyances I encountered in PyScripter are most likely fixed by now, so feel free to give it a go!

My respects to you, Ancient One! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds good. I saw that in Spyder.

:cold_sweat: Did you say ‘annoying’ ‘bugs’?
You were going so well. :grin: No thanks. I can do without the annoying bugs. Thank you. :smile:

I’ll give it a spin, and see where it takes me. Thanks for sharing that. :smile: