Python help

Yeah i have looked all over the net for a good python writing program but cannot find one that is not virused or working for my system so i can learn and practice help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advanced

What do you mean by “python writing program”? If you mean an editor (and I suppose you do) than you can write Python code in basically anything and everything, starting with Nodepad, through simple IDEs, like Geany, and ending on really big ones such as Eclipse (with an appropriate mocule).

I personally use Geany – it’s available for Linux and Windows, dunno about Mac (btw. you didn’t say what your system is).

Search the forum, there are numerous topics covering the problem of choosing an IDE for Python.

You can also look here:

I just starting using Panda and Python about a week ago and went with Pype, it’s the first recommended program in the online manual and it works great.