Python.exe can't find __main__ module in 'music-box'

Hi. I installed the newest SDK today. The installation went well. I read the manual and it tells me to run scripts from the command prompt, so I did.
Running ‘python’ to begin with, to see if it was installed, opened up a Windows install box for me to grab Python 3.8.
Now when I run ‘Panda3D/samples/python music-box’, I get that error message.

I’ve opened an IDE called Atom to add in the code,

# and we can run!
def main():
    mb = MusicBox()

but I’m still getting the error message.

Any help please?

Hi! Which command did you use for running it? A complete log of what you tried and what you got would be helpful! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean.
If I type ‘python’ in the command prompt I get the interpreter. If I type ‘python music-box’ I get a single line that tells me it cannot find the main module.

What I have told you is all I know :S

Looking at the sample folder, I note that its Python file is named “”, not “”–when you run the “python” command, are you perhaps passing in the name of the sample-program’s directory (which is named “music-box”), rather than that of the program’s Python file? Indeed, I do note that if I attempt to do so, I do get the error that you describe.

Sorry for taking a while.

The info you gave helped move things along, but after running your command suggestion, I am now seeing:

module ‘direct’ not found when I run ‘python’

Running ‘ppython’ for version 2.x works.

I’ve added both ‘C:\Panda3D-1.10.6-x64’ and ‘C:\Panda3D-1.10.6-x64/bin’ to my environment settings and restarted my computer.

Does Panda3D not work with Python 3.x?

ppython runs Python 3.7 for Panda3D 1.10.6. Try running ppython -V.