Python class-names

I found the mapping of c+±class-names (also used in python reference) to python names in “interfaceMakerPythonNative.cxx”.
Hopefully it helps you, too.

Loader -> PandaLoader
string -> CString
LMatrix4f -> Mat4
LMatrix3f -> Mat3
LVecBase4f -> VBase4
LVector4f -> Vec4
LPoint4f -> Point4
LVecBase3f -> VBase3
LVector3f -> Vec3
LPoint3f -> Point3
LVecBase2f -> VBase2
LVector2f -> Vec2
LPoint2f -> Point2
LQuaternionf -> Quat
LMatrix4d -> Mat4D
LMatrix3d -> Mat3D
LVecBase4d -> VBase4D
LVector4d -> Vec4D
LPoint4d -> Point4D
LVecBase3d -> VBase3D
LVector3d -> Vec3D
LPoint3d -> Point3D
LVecBase2d -> VBase2D
LVector2d -> Vec2D
LPoint2d -> Point2D
LQuaterniond -> QuatD
Plane -> PlaneBase
Planef -> Plane
Planed -> PlaneD
Frustum -> FrustumBase
Frustumf -> Frustum
Frustumd -> FrustumD

thanks. i was always confused a bit by those naming conventions.

i also reported this as a bug:

Note that you can edit the manual, as discussed in this post. So you can fix this documentation bug yourself. :slight_smile:


I actually dont know where to put this info in the manual.

It should be added in the - as far as I understand automatically generated - Python reference.
I dont understand the sources well enough to edit them.

A script replacing all occurences of LVector3f and the likes in the reference with their python names could be a solution (better than in 1.6.2-docs. There was Vec3 and those names in the class-list even though on the class pages there were the c+±names).