Python 3.0?

Are there any plans to update Panda engine to Python 3.0?

python 2.5 is best optimised to all platforms so far and got the most extentions to,that why i belive we are dealing with 2.5 right now.

First google result:

Thanks! I’ve tried searching forums for “Python 3.0”, but it returned too many results.

So I guess there will be no upgrade any time soon…

But why the internal release of Python in Panda3D is 2.5.2 and not 2.5.4?
just curious…
(sorry for my english…)

Because nobody bothered to upgrade it.

If you really want 2.5.4, just download it. It should be compatible - all 2.5.x releases should have the same ABI, I think.

We would move to python 3.1 probably. The biggest problem is that python dropped support for windows 2000 and lower and panda3d is needed to be able to run on 98…