python 3.0.1


i wanted to upgrade to python 3.0.1 so i downloaded the installer.
installed it
i wanted to check if the update ran well. so i run cmd.exe (yes i’m on windows (vista))
and type “python” but i indicates i’m still on 2.5.2
i would really like to use 3.0.1 .
any toughts on how i should correct this?

thanks in advance,


By uninstalling 3.0.1.

Panda is compiled against Python 2.5.x, and not compatible with other versions.

and it wouldn’t be as easy as downloading the panda3d source and replace the python headers?

Yes, but you also need to compile Panda then.

I’m not sure if the source code is compatible with Python 3.

well, i think i just voluntered for that job…
i’m gonna try.


I think you’d have to change the python wrapper generator or some heavy macros! The C api to python3 has changed from python2.

all time long i get this output:
C:\pandabuild>makepanda\makepanda.bat --everything
File “makepanda\”, line 70
print “”
SyntaxError: invalid syntax


that’s where your problems start.
in python 3 the print thing was changed to a function. you have to change it to
print (“whatever you had therebefore” )

but my command promt says i’m still using 2.5.2…

ah, well.
bad luck for me.
then i could try the most recent 2.x.x version.


Panda in windows doesn’t use any existing python install by default, it uses it’s own that it was compiled with. I know the linux versions will compile with 2.6 but I do not know if it will in windows. It would be a good experiment.

python 2.6.x doesn’t work.
this is the output of makepanda:

Oh you just need to edit and find where it says that the python version is 25, change it to 26.

thanks makepanda is running now.


i’m done compiling.

good news: it has used 2.6.2 during compiling.

bad news:
it won’t run this code:

import direct.directbase.DirectStart

You ran makepanda with --installer right, and installed the resulting .exe file?

mmm, no i have to do the installer step.
sorry, i report back when done.

created installer, now installing


@pro-soft: should i send the installer to you? Mayby you can put it on the download section for the people that would like python 2.6.2 in their panda3d package.

well i’m happy any way.
thanks for all the help!!!


I’m sure people will then complain about the lack of Max and Maya exporters in it (You need to have every version of Max and Maya installed for makepanda to compile all the exporters).

Some project, like Virtualbox, have some sort of Open Source Edition, which has propitiatory functionality removed in order to release the source and get it into various linux repos. Would doing something similar, in which maya/max/fmod/etc was absent and advertised as such, be a bad idea?