PySide as Panda's GUI

I am not very impressed with DirectGui and, as far as I know, it is possible in Qt/PySide make any look for user application. I know a bit thos framework and I like to work woth it so I have a big question.

Can I use Qt/PySide as Panda’s GUI?

Pyside/pyqt are for external gui elements outside of the panda window. Much like your browser ui is outside of the webpage you are viewing. If there is a way to render qt onto an offscreen buffer then it can be possible.

Also keep an eye on licensing: pyqt is available under (1) commercial license or (2) GPL. GPL is a restrictive open sourc elicense: games created with pyqt have to be open source.

Damn, I forgot about this! Thank you for reminding it!

Thanks a lot.