Pyscripter Vs. Eclipse

Ok so I’m having trouble setting up either IDE for development in panda, so can some one give me a definitive guide to configuring and setting up a blank project in either?

Here’s all the threads I followed to try and get them working:

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in the “Got PyScripter running on Windows 7” I didn’t try editing the registry because I feel like that’s over kill.

Thanks for the Help!

When I use Eclipse on Linux, I just install Eclipse, and I’m ready to go. Are you sure you installed Eclipse correctly? If not, what error messages did you recieve?

I’m on windows so its not finding the Panda directory where all the python library files are so I get the an error talking about how it can’t find direct in the import direct.directbase.DirectStart at the start of my .py file.

Ah, so you’re trying to run your game directly from Eclipse, which I don’t do. Try looking in Eclipse’s preferences for the path to the Python executable, and change it to ppython’s path.

ok I’ll go try that now, but won’t the code sense not work too if It doesn’t know what python libraries I’m using?

Your code will still work, since ppython (the version of Python bundled with Panda) still sees all the libraries you installed under “normal” Python, IIRC.

In eclipse you have to setup the python interpreter. When you set it up you can include the folder(s) with Panda stuff in it. Then you can run it and some stuff will not give you errors. I still get errors using the taskMgr in eclipse but it still runs.

Ok figured it out Turns out I had the python.exe right but totally set up the files wrong since I’m using custom builds of Panda.

Thanks for the help.

P.S. I see theres no love for pyscripter :frowning:

TBH I have never heard of PyScripter and I use eclipse for school and work so why not use it for my own stuff.

I’ve been trying out PyScripter for about a week. It’s remote interpreter doesn’t seem to play nice with Panda3D (it crashes and restarts when panda3d shuts down). If you use the internal interpreter PyScripter exits completely when panda3d shuts down, so that’s no good. So you have to do the “external run”. By default it captures console output and tracebacks, but for some reason you don’t get any console output until panda3d shuts down then it dumps it all at once. You can configure it to not capture anything and not hide the console window. But you’re losing a lot of what having an IDE is supposed to do for you. It would be nice if I could figure out a way to get the remote interpreter working.

I can see why there’s no love then :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you configure the external interpreter to run the command “python -u”? This tells Python to run “unbuffered”, which should enable you to see the output immediately.


Yes, that did the trick! I can now see console output as it is running, and parsing tracebacks so you can jump to the lines of code involved. Much better.

When I feel like tearing my hair out I will try to decipher the magic of the remote interpreter. They’ve included special configs for integration with TkInter and WxWidgets. I gotta think there is some way to mesh with Panda3D as well. It would be cool because it allows you to interact with Python while the program is running.

I cannot understand how people are having so many problems getting this to run panda3d programs. Once I configured my python path properly and added the panda directories to it pyscripter rand fine without problem.