PyRedDwarf: connecting Panda3D to RedDwarf server

Hi all,

I have developped simple python scripts to make it easy to connect to RedDwarf game server ( from Panda3D. This work is inspired from Adam Spitz work on RedDwarf-JS connector.

These scripts are now available to the community at sourceforge:

The wiki page contains some runnable examples and tutorials.

Hope this will help developing client-server games using Panda3D !

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Hi and thanks.
This might be interesting for all the MORPG fanatics around :slight_smile:

so, do you program your game world in panda3d or reddwarf?

just confused

It looks like PyRedDwarf is GPL…


In a basic client-server game architecture you have the following principles:

  1. The core of the game logic is running on the server (example on reddwarf) while clients have only “copies” of the world
  2. Clients send commands to server to update the world (player inputs etc…)
  3. The server sends to clients events to update their local copy of the world

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yes it is opensource (GPL)

Seems like the server is GPL, but the C client is BSD-licensed. So as long as you use ctypes to access their client API from Python, it may not be completely worthless.

Also, look at this:
[project DarkStar providing Panda3D integration?)
Project Darkstar was the old name for RedDwarf.