i was wondering how i would go about showing a PyQt display as a 2drender in panda if this is possible as i want to use it for my menus

is this not possible?

No, not really. Some people have toyed with this sort of crazy idea in the past, but it is highly experimental. Try searching the forums.


why is it so crazy? and i did and didn’t find much. there has to be some way to do something like this… because im sorry but panda’s GUI system just doesn’t cut it for me so what im trying to do is get a Flex app in for my menu and i know that QT4 would be able to load it in and talk to it through javascript i just need a way to display and hide the QT4 web window inside of panda

Look, all Panda passes to the GPU is a window and a bunch of polygons. You can’t get that image* back to put 2d gui stuff on. You really need a 3d gui engine that works with polygons and textures. CEGUI for example.

(You can actually get that image back from GPU for a huge performance tradeoff.)

ok thank you that looks like a GUI i can actually work with… im sorry if i have been whiney and spoiled about this im just used to flex and dont really understand why other GUIs dont seem to work anywhere near as well

I found a way to display PyQt in panda… i was reading the CEGUI documentation and it is capable of displaying QT data using libqglviewer which is designed to do exactly what i was asking about so im going to see if i can integrate it into panda if not i will simply use CEGUI to display it

Actually, I believe qglviewer can display an OpenGL window inside a Qt window, rather than the other way around.
Displaying a Panda window inside a Qt / Wx / whatever gui system is easy - search the forums. The other way around, which is what you are looking for, causes the problem.

oh ok sorry must have read it wrong