Is it possible to compile Panda 3D with PyPy? says maybe it could work out of the box but propably it “will require a bit of effort to work” - would it?

If its not too hard to make it work (and someone tells me how to :wink: ) then I and propaby some other people producing slow Python-code would be very happy…

Sounds possible, and useful, but I doubt it will be easy. Whoever tackles this project will need to have a good understanding of the C++/Python interface layer.


Panda3D 1.7.2 does not work with PyPy 1.6 on Windows out of the box (just using a .pth file).

Right, Panda is compiled for a particular version of Python, and will only run with that version of Python. PyPy is a different beast altogether. As I said, it might be possible to build a custom version of Panda that would work with it, but it would not be easy. It certainly won’t just “work” out of the box.