pygame and panda plugin


I see in runtime repository pygame, wx and a lot of other folders with not a direct relationship with a panda3d game. Is possible make a game with pygame (or a wx app) and convert it in a .p3d file?


No one think in it? Make a WX app to run in browser … or a pygame? It´s possible?

It’s possible, in principle. You just have to add “-r wx” or “-r pygame” to the packp3d command line.

In practice there are a few known issues with wx, and I don’t think anyone has tried pygame yet.


And about code design? I must call directstart where? or how directstart call wx or pygame?

You’ll write a Panda app, like any other, and import DirectStart and wx like any other wx + Panda app. Search the forums for examples of others doing this.

Note, though, that when you embed the p3d in a web page, only the Panda window will be embedded in the browser. The wx window will be a standalone window; it won’t embed.


Sounds nice. I´ll study it.
Thanx David