py2exe problem ? the generated EXE not standalone!

I 've built panda3d as a python module. I can use python22 to invoke panda3d directly. I use py2exe to pack my panda application into EXE file . On the same computer ,it works. But can’t run on other computers, and it displays the error message:

“StandardError : No graphics pipe is available!
Your Config.prc file must name at least one valid panda display library
via load-display or aux-display.”

 It proved that the application still depend on the panda3d installed on computer .

I 've add Config.prc into directory of  the  EXE  file  ,which also contains " libdtool.dll  libdirect.dll  libpanda.dll libdtoolconfig.dll  libpandafx.dll  libpandaexpress.dll  python22.dll  .etc  generated by py2exe.

I also tried to set a PRC_DIR or  PRC_PATH to point to Config.prc .But it failed.

I thing problem not from here,maybe something else I have not put it in. what 's it ? when I write the file ,what additional files associated with  panda3d should I specify ?

thanks in advance

Just some idea’s:

  • Did you install py2exe with the ppython version that comes with panda?
  • Post your to give some idea as to what you did.
  • Seems from the error code that you’re missing dependecies, is Config.prc in the distribution version?
  • Have a look at toon town and airblade, I think they used py2exe aswell.