.py to .dmg

i tried googling this but i couldn’t find anything about it. is there any way i can convert panda files (.py) into .dmg for macosx? i apologize if there has already been a post like this but i just registered to the forum! :blush:

Have you tried py2app? I’ve used this successfully for a non-Panda-related project, and it worked just fine.

I don’t think that packpanda, which is the tool distributed with Panda3D to automatically package up an application for distribution, supports Mac yet. But the good news is that we are migrating to a new distribution system that will support Mac and everything else. This system will be at least partially complete by Panda version 1.7 (in a month or two), and should be fully complete by at least 1.8.


if you want to create a application for osx you actually want to create a .app, it does take some effort to get it working but i did it once with http://www.sveinbjorn.org/platypus. a .dmg is pretty similar to a packager like zip, it’s doesnt have to do anything with applications.