puting a 3D model infront of DirectLabel or onScreenImage?

Hello, i am a student doing a project using panda3D. I face a problem when i doing an ending for the game.
I am trying to have a background using DirectLabel or OnScreenImage, so that i can cover the game which is running behind that background.
Then I want to put a animated 3D model infront of the background.
How can i do that?

I found someone doing something similar to what i want, but he didn’t put the method there…
discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic … ansparency

Read –[THIS]–

Also, if all you want is a background, don’t overlook the very simple expedient of putting your background card directly in the 3-d scene graph–parenting it to the camera so that it always stays in the same place relative to the camera.

It won’t be clickable or anything, but you can easily make it so that it exactly fills the screen and draws behind everything else (by making it very large and very far away).


Thankyou very much, this help alot. ^^