put two UV sets together

hi i need help again.
i use crafty to conver CS .bsp map to .obj. because it can only export texture and lightmap separately, i got 2 .objs with same mesh and different UV sets. then i can import to blender and export as .egg with chicken.
Since i know .egg support multiple textures, i want to render the scene both texture and lightmap. but i don’t know how. i’ve search “lightmap” keyword in forum, found something too complex for newbie. Neither i use Maya so don’t mention maya2egg tool. May experienced user give me some instruction, doing in code or with special software/exporter?grateful to reply.

hm. if you already have them in blender… blender has support for multiple uv-sets aswell as the cvs-version of chicken as some support for multiple uv-sets. thought i dont think that panda has a buildin function to copy uv-information from one mesh into another (since usualy this is never needed). you still might be lucky. it should be possible to let the chicken exporter read the second uv-set from your other mode. all that’s left would be to set the exture combine modes.

other idea might be. export both objects seperately, open the egg file in a texteditor. copy over the texture and uv-information from one into the other file.

if you have several map i suggest you talk to psiberpunk. the guy who wrote chicken. if its only one or so. you could aswell try the copy thing with the egg-reference nearby :slight_smile:

Check out this post I made some time ago, when someone had a similar problem: https://discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?p=11249#11249
The script I wrote there merges the UV sets of two otherwise identical meshes into the first one selected. You can then use the unstable version of chicken to export the file properly.

Sorry for reply late. thank you two both. i’ll try.

ThomasEgi, psiberpunk, I didn’t successfully until now. :cry:
psiberpunk, your script seems to be good to simple objects. but mine is a whole scene, many objects and grouped by mterial automatically when import obj to blender. It’s impossible for anyone to select the object one by one and run the “copy uv” script. take the bsp map “cs_dust2” for example there are 33 decal textures but 4000 lightmap textures.
i check the 2 obj files, the same vertexs only different texture coordinate and textures. but when i export to egg. the 2 eggs has different polygons so even can’t do the copy one’s UV to another.
so any other way? should i give up my attempt to show an lightmapped cs map in panda3d?