Pusher problem

Hi, im trying to use the pusher using also a Vr tracker and im having a problem with a pusher that I have on a wall.

When I hit the wall I have a collision sphere on the head of the character wich is reparented to the tracker of the headset. So when the pusher stops me the collision sphere stops correctly but the trackers that I have in my hands keep going forward like if the character was moving.

is there anyway to make the pusher work on all the objects reparented to the headsed (the hands, the collision sphere, etc.)

Thank you.

Not entirely sure I understand what you’re asking. I think you’re wanting the pusher to push back on a different node that the CollisionNode that detected the collision. For instance, if the pusher pushed back on the parent of the whole assembly, instead of just the CollisionNode, then it would also stop any other nodes attached to that same parent (for instance, your hand trackers).

When you add the CollisionNode to the pusher, you use a method like:

pusher.addCollider(collisionNodePath, targetNodePath)

The first parameter in that call is the CollisionNode that does the detection. The second parameter is the node to push back upon. Sometimes they are the same thing. In your case they are probably not–the target should be the parent of the whole assembly.