psychadelic flythrough

i apologize if this has been asked before, i hope i won’t bugger too much, i tried searching through google, looked if there is some kind of faq on site or something, searched on forums but found nothing about this thing that is being presented in screenshots.

is this available for public? if so, where?

at least “f* off” or RTFM would be nice

I guess no one on the forum has access to the code in question.

In general, many of the screenshots on this site represent student projects, the code for which is owned by the students in question and not in the public domain. Frequently, the code requires specialized hardware which isn’t widely available anyway.


yeah I had the same question lol. the only thing that might and i say this very strongly MIGHT be available is the game treeform is designing the angels fall first game. anyway, they also make a reference to some games in the download section but it turns out just to be the samples provided with panda3d to begin with…not the smartest thing. anyway if you look at the description you will see that they make reference to a “flying disk” game or something that has fly in it :slight_smile: which is not even in the samples files???wtf is what i said but dismissed it with someone not updating their information.

Airblade is still available from the 1.4.2 download section.