Pstatclient break down party!

lol no partys but I have some questions on pstat

  1. Is there maybe a page some where I miss that breaks this down even more for more detail?

  2. load-display GL vs DX9, When switching between the 2, I see my fps drop by alot going from GL to DX9… why could this be? I notice that DX9 has alot more random things happen. When I have DX9 I notice “Wait” will go “up” or take more time when looking at the screen, but when I dont look at it and have something over it, the FPS goes back up and the “Wait” turns back to normal… I track this down even lower and find “Flip” is whats causing this but not sure how to fix or even what Flip even is?

  3. Both GL and DX9 have a high draw and Cull (around 2ms-2.5ms) with dr_0 being the cause of this, whats dr_0?

My end goal is to have everything lower then maybe 5-6ms, right now its at 8-10ms.

:frowning: no party? and what i should do with all the tequilla?

This page is a good place to start … ith_PStats

1: In general, double clicking on an area will bring up any sub areas that panda is measuring. There’s is also a section describing writing your own pstats hooks, if you need specifics on your own code.

2: both GL and DX will perform differently depending on the hardware. Some older cards will run incredibly slowly in a certain version of dx, or not at all in gl. Sometimes, an increased wait time indicates that the specific engine is trying to do things internally (like vsync, or texture loads)

3: dr_0 is display region 0, which is the first surface that panda starts drawing on for a window ( A good place to start for understanding these is

You could always given em to me:)

Thanks for the answer. I know you can click down into a lower sub areas, but wasnt sure how they were break down.

Does DX not vsync the scene when its not in focus/hidden? Basicly i’m just trying to make it more user friendly when it comes to differnt environments, DX for the window users, and GL for the others, even tho GL is better for this, I feel DX gives a better “feel” into things.

Alright I just wasnt sure, i’ll take more look into this.