pstat : how to compile it ?

Hello evrybody,
I try to use pstat to check my program’s bench, but I don’t know how to use pstat
It isn’t in my compilated Panda3D
So i try to found pstat and compile by myself, but i don’t understand how to do it.
Do I have to use the ppremake ? and how do i use it ?


Are you sure it’s not there? It should be included as part of the standard Panda distribution. Note that the program name is “pstats”, not “pstat”.

Are you a Windows or a Linux user?



We are on Linux. We check our Panda distribution and our programs and unfortunately pstats’s not here!!
We installed Panda from the standard distribution.

We read something about rebuilding Panda from makepanda or ppremake to have the different tools, including pstats. Is it the only way to go?


Hmm, it might be. I’m a little surprised it’s not provided with the distribution, but I’ll check with Josh (who builds those distributions).

In the meantime, if it’s not there already, you’ll have to build it yourself. You’ll probably need to compile your entire Panda yourself to ensure that it is compatible. Follow the instructions in INSTALL-PP to use ppremake to build your own Panda.

Or, if you have access to a Windows machine, you can download the Windows Panda3D distribution and use the pstats.exe there (you don’t have to run PStats on the same machine you’re profiling). Or you can wait until the next release of Panda, in which we will (hopefully) correct the omission of pstats from the Linux distribution.


Unfortunately, pstats is still not here (ubuntu). Can it perhaps be included in the next release?

Too busy. It’s a question of figuring out what files need to be compiled. I’m sure it’s just a few files. Once we know that, adding them to makepanda is trivial. Let me know what you find out.

All right, ill build it and send you a log.

Sorry to dig back this old post :slight_smile:

There’s directories called pStatClientmpl.h, pStateCollector.h, pStatReader.h, pStatServer.h… And many others but no pStats to run.
Is it possible to run pstats on OSX ?
Was it inclueded in the last releases or should try to build it myself ?

Second question, I was trying to activate the true framerate but sync-video doens’t exist in my config.prc
How to increase it then ?

Just create it then :
sync-video 0

Also, for the first question, it is indeed possible to compile PStats and run it on OSX. However, this does require installing gtk2, which in turn requires installing X11, and when you have built it you have to run it as an X11 app, which is less than perfect. But it works. :slight_smile:

I don’t know whether the standard OSX Panda build provides a PStats build. I suspect it doesn’t.


No, because of the entire chain of dependencies gtk2 brings with it on OSX.
I guess the best option would be to write a pstats port for OSX’ native windowing system.

gtk2 and X11 are already installed on my Mac but there is no pstats app to run with X11. So, apparently there’s no pstats for OSX :frowning:

You’d need to grab the source code and compile it.

I’ve toyed with writing a pstats port to wxWidgets, which could replace the separate gtk and windows ports we have now. But it’s a fair amount of work to do this.


I could give it a try don’t have anything else to do atm :stuck_out_tongue:

Is c++ fine?

It would have to be C++, since that’s the language in which the pstatserver code is written that you would rely on.

You can examine win-stats and gtk-stats directories for sample code implementing pstats in Win32 calls and gtk+ calls, respectively. The base library is in pstatserver.


Or we could try and make an FLTK port. Wouldn’t bring the huge wx dependency with it.