project texture and matrices

Is it possible to use projectTexture or is there any documentation on it. Also, is it possible to get the model, view, and the projection matrix for a camera… or a spotlight?

On a side note, is there any documentation on render attribs especially the depthTestAttrib? From the API documentation these seem to have stencil tests as properties… but searching this forum, it seems panda does not support stencil testing.

projectTexture() works fine; it “projects” the Texture onto geometry as if it is being projected through the indicated LensNode, like a spotlight. You can aim the LensNode wherever you like and change its lens properties the same way you manipulate a camera. From the API documentation:

//     Function: NodePath::project_texture
//       Access: Published
//  Description: A convenience function to enable projective texturing
//               at this node level and below, using the indicated
//               NodePath (which should contain a LensNode) as the
//               projector.

Is there some aspect of this function that you would like further clarification on?

The API documentation contains descriptions of each of the RenderAttribs, including the DepthTestAttrib–which can only be used for specifying the depth or Z-buffer test. There would also be a StencilTestAttrib if Panda fully supported use of the stencil buffer, but as of the current version this support is incomplete in Panda.