Project Naer - A car customization tool


I am very excited to show you the project that kept me occupied on my free time for the last three months!

First of all, I want to thank everyone in this forum who helped me when I asked questions! I probably would have given up without your help! :pray:

About the project…

I wanted to recreate a car customization tool like we can see in many commercial games. I thought it could be a good opportunity and a good project to do something with Panda3D, which I just started learning 4 months ago. Of course, I did not explore all the possibilities the engine has to offer, but I used what I needed for this project.

Project Naer is a simple application which allows to personalize your car. Here are the elements you can change to customize your car:

  • wheels : rim and tyre, color, diameter, width, camber, offset and toe
  • car : color, body kits and every individual part composing its body

You can also change the ground on which the car is sitting among 10 possibilities.

You can rotate the car automatically, or manually with the mouse if you deactivate Autorate from the main menu.

Project Naer is scalable. This means new content can be added without having to change a single line of code: the new content will be detected automatically and added to the corresponding menu.

About the current state of the project…

At the moment, the project to totally usable, and I am mostly satisfied with the result!

But, I still have a lot of things I want to change or improve, but here is short list:

  • add more content: cars, wheels, car parts, …
  • implement load and save car
  • rewrite of strategy for loading GLB files to avoid frame freezes while loading
  • use of complexpbr to see if rendering can be improved
  • fix of many little bugs

Here is the link to the GitHub page:

Here are some screenshots:

Thanks for reading! :pray:


Hey there, thanks a lot for sharing this cool “JDM simulator”!

I took about 20 minutes to make it work with my module, complexpbr, here are some screenshots:

Would you mind if I forked your repo on GitHub and uploaded this version that works with complexpbr for my own research purposes? I see that you have a CC license but I’m not sure if you necessarily want people modifying it. If not, no problem, just thought I’d ask first. Thanks, and great work.


Thanks for your feedback!

These screenshots look good! :wink:

Sure, no problem, you can fork it! I will take a look to see what you changed to have these results :smile: