Project I Am Undertaking

After quite some time, I have given up trying to program my own 3d engine in python & java, and finally installed Panda 3D.
Once I figure out how exactly it works, I would love to get started on a project I have had planned for quite some time now.

In 1994, the first multi user 3D virtual building world was beta launched under the name of “Web World” .

Since than it has morphed into whats known today as Active Worlds

Unfortunately, the company that now owns it, has been ignoring it for many, many years.
Today the once thriving community is almost completely dead. 15 users on at once, is considered a large number.

What I would like to do is create my own version of AW, improving on the outdated platform, adding in much needed “in world” elements, and steering the whole experience toward a much more community oriented environment.

The goal will be to create an easy to use multi user virtual building world, that can run on slower computers & internet connections, but also have rich user experience. (( Those with advanced computers and faster connections can take advantage of advanced features. ))
I would also like to keep it light enough to be adapted to mobile devices.

Looks pretty much like second life

Second Life is prim based, and very resource heavy.

Active Worlds is object based, and can run on very old systems ( still windows 95 compatible ), with very slow internet connections.

Minimum specs for AW is around:
200 MZH processor, with an internet connection as low as 14K .

My version would also be object based ( limited polygon ), since there is a lot less rendering involved ( and a greater ability to use cache ), though I would like users to have the option to upload their own objects and textures.

On a side note, I do like some of what Second Life offers in the way it handles object modeling.

Been trying to do something better than either AW or SL, need a few good programmers in addition to myself.

[new project FoxyWorlds)

FoxyWorlds, a P2P based VR network app.

Pleez ignore my ravings I’m just tired of being treated as “second class” cause I cant afford places like AW or SL. Central server based VR IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO MAKE VR A COMMON THING. Centralized custom servers like Disney OTP and CMU distributed networking code based on it are not affordable for most of us.