Profile data about a model


I’m looking for a way, either from the command line or in game in python, to get some profile data about a specific model. In pstats I can see that there are 71k verts in the scene and in PIX I can see each model drawn and the number of verts/polys. However I’d like a way to batch up this information and print it out so i don’t have to inspect each PIX run manually. Since pstats gets this info it must be available in C++. Is it available to python? Is there a binary that can extract this info?


This should gave you pretty much every thing you need to know:

model = loader.loadModel('yourfile.egg')

Panda3D also provides the SceneGraph Browser, which is also a really useful tool for getting information about objects in your scene: … ph_Browser

Great, thanks guys! That was what I was looking for :slight_smile: