Procedure entry point cgGetBoolStateAssignmentValues...

Guess I have an old version of CG installed on WinXP as I get:

Procedure entry point cgGetBoolStateAssignmentValues could not be located

when I run some demos, and they fail. I’m not sure if it’s safe to replace the version in windows/system32 with a more recent copy.

Windows doesn’t come with Cg - one of your application programs must have put that there. So there’s no real way to know if upgrading it will cause problems.

Boy, this is the second time somebody’s had a problem with this. There’s gotta be a workaround…

Just a comment,

When i first appliet the latest CG kit from the Nvidia site, it bugged down at the installation time and make the system32 the root folder of the cg kit.

I had to manually uninstall and reinstall to have a proper working installation.

However, dont know if it’s linked to this situation. I’ve reinstalled CG before installing panda 1.