Procedurally creating a simple armature

I would like to procedurally animate a certain set of objects, which are all themselves procedurally generated.

The generation of the objects works well enough at the moment, but I’m not at all sure of how to go about creating an armature and “connecting” it to the geometry of its intended object, nor how to set vertex weights in said geometry.

For what it’s worth the armature that I have in mind is pretty simple: a vertical stack of perhaps five segments, with the vertices of the geometry likely weighted primarily by height.

I don’t see anything in the manual, and the lack of mention of vertex weights in the section on procedural geometry worries me a little.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

There are some sniplets on the forum how this could be done:
Using GeomVertexWriter:
Using the egg interface:

Ah, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Hmm… It looks like creating my own armature from the ground up would be a pretty convoluted solution to a fairly simple issue, then. I suppose that I might be able to streamline it a bit by modelling my armature in Blender, exporting that and then attempting to strip the armature-related data from the result in Panda…

Either way, this calls for more thought, I believe.

Thank you again.