Procedural Shape Rendering

Ok so on the predefined formates page. What do the ? stand for? Or even better yet explain the little code hidden in each format.

A new question. Is there a way to attach a image as a texture to the plane I generate?

Do you mean this page? There are no question marks in the table, but there are supposed to be check marks. Maybe your browser is printing question marks instead of check marks.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a paragraph of text explaining the check marks and the naming convention in more detail. I’ll put that in.


I swear to you that they were ?. I wonder when they were changed to checks?

And yes I was assuming that the marked colums were the fields present in the GeomVertexData.

New Question please answer

You can always do nodePath.setTexture(myTexture, 1) to apply a texture to any model.