problems with TransformBlend

hello people
i need to acess to the TransformBlend TAble of an Actor I have loaded; for a certain joint (skull) i want to know if it is present in a certain Transform Blend of the table and the relative weight. It seems a quite trivial question but i have some difficulties: it seems to me that a transformBlend contains VertexTransform, but if i construct a VertexTransform
transformskull=JointVertexTransform(skull) -------------(1)
still i can’t retrieve it in the TransformBlend, i.e.
myblend.hasTransform(transformskull) is FALSE even if i know that the joint skull is in myblend…
What can i do? I am sure that the problem is (1) but my question is: how can i obtain from the joint a value that can be passed to a certain TransformBlend to discover if the joint is present in that TransformBlend and the weight value?