Problems with python 2.4 in Panda3D

Hello! I am currently working on a project in panda which requires me to use Panda3D-1.3.1 with python 2.4. However, when I am loading my program, I am encountering problems after it loads all the way and crashes with no error. I then noticed there are some errors with the dc files but it seems to ignore them and I think this might be the issue as to why my program keeps crashing but correct me if I am wrong.


I would really appreciate some help on this topic as this project means a lot to me! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi. You are using new DC files with the Toontown 2003 source code. If you could try and Dropbox them to me, I may be able to fix it. The DC files are referencing something, THEN defining it. There is no garuntee it will work. You will probably have to write your own DC files. Astron also might not work. People have written custom OTP servers for the sourcecode. I wish you luck. I will try to fix them if you can send the DCFiles to me.