Problems with Pirates of the Caribbean Online via Panda 3D

I recently spoke with someone at POTC and they could not help me, but they did recommend Firefox to solve my problems… This is my problem:

Go to
Sign In
Click Play
Installing the game in a browser for Firefox
Install Plugin
Restart Firefox

Game supposed to start downloading, but it doesn’t…

I go to
Click Gallery
Click Online Demos
Click Ball in Maze
This is what I see>

Can anybody tell me what is happening?

Thanks a Million [In Advance…]

Are you using Firefox 3? Or the new Firefox 4? I don’t know whether Firefox 4 works well yet with Pirates, so better to stick with FF3 for now.

Are you running on Windows or Mac OSX? What kind of hardware do you have? Firefox is known not to work on OSX with a PPC computer.

Have you tried it with Safari or IE?


I am running Firefox 4 on Windows and can report that the “Ball In Maze” example does run for me.
I would suggest looking in the Firefox addons window (Tools > Add-ons, or Ctrl-Shift-A if the menu bar is hidden) and make sure that the plugin has actually been installed and is enabled.

And make sure that JavaScript is enabled.

I am running Windows XP and Firefox 4…

Javascript is enabled…

Take a look here at my addon…

When I try IE…This is all I see…

Please let me know what to do…

Navigate to the folder c:\Documents and Settings<your name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Panda3D\log . It’s a hidden folder, so you will have to type at least “Local Settings” and “Application Data” in the Explorer bar instead of clicking its icon.

What files exist in this folder? Is there a p3dplugin.log and a p3dcore.log? Can you post these files here?