Problems with Panda, Ubuntu Linux 9.04 PLEASE HELP

Hello everybody!
I’ve install all the packages, but when I’ve tried to launch some test examples, it just freezed my system, so no signals from keyboard or mouse, I had to make reset.
Second time iit seemed to work, but the screen won’t update, so the image was totally crappy.
Please help me!!!

It sounds like you have a bad driver for your graphics card. You can try to locate a better driver.

An alternative is to run Panda in software mode, by putting:

load-display tinydisplay

in your Config.prc file (replacing “load-display pandagl”). This will, of course, limit your ability to render high-quality graphics.


I got Intel video card, HP 6530b laptop

I’ve tried tinydisplay , it says that it hasn’t display pipe

Umm, I’m not sure what that means. Maybe you don’t have the $DISPLAY environment variable set?

Can you paste the exact error message?


It’s your video driver. Intel cards suck at supporting OpenGL and 99% of the time it’s the driver… I run Panda3D just fine on a SONY VAIO with an Intel 945 chipset but I had to do some tweaking…

Thank you all very much, the problem is SOLVED by installing proper drivers.
If anybody got a same problem, you can call me, and I’ll send you an e-mail =)

well it’s not that intel drivers are bad with opengl. but ubuntu 9.04 came with kernel which where intel merged new stuff into like DRI2 support, which broke a lot of things. This is pretty much the worst bug in ubuntu 9.04. it’s fixed in 9.10 btw.