Problems with collision detection


I am not good at english but I´ll do my best. I have problems doing a collision detection between an object and a terrain.

I could do a collision detection between two objects using CollisionSphere(Thanks for the example in, It´s really useful).

But between a CollisionSphere and a terrain I could´nt and I don´t know how. The terrain is the same in roaming ralph. So I want to have a collision between a CollisionSphere and this terrain. Anyone can help me??

Thanks very much for the time!!

hi, and welcome to panda3d.

collisions are a tricky subject and there are many ways they can fail.please post some example code and/or any errors you get so we can look whats wrong in your case.

I found a collision ray is so much easier to work with when colliding with the floor. Here is the link that helped immensely, the other tutorials for panda3d on there are also VERY useful.