problems with chicken exporter

I can’t export animations from blender with chicken. Is there a step by step tut for this or can someone please give me a step by step?

All I want to do is export a wheel rotating (rolling). Something simple to make sure I understand working with animated meshes in Panda3D. I read somewhere that animation could only be exported with armature animation, so I parented the wheel to an armature and animated the armature, but “funky a__” chicken still would only export a static mesh. What gives? Can somebody please help?

as you can read in the chicken manual… !reparenting! armatures to meshes doesnt work.
you have to use the armature-modifier instead :slight_smile:
so step by step:
1.create model
2.create armature
3.use the armature modifier to apply the armature to the model
4.animate the armature
5.start chicken and have fun :slight_smile:

O.K., that halfway worked.

I took start up cube mesh,
added an armature,
added an armature modifier to the cube mesh,
created a simple 360 rotation animation,
went to Chicken set the start/end frames and fps,
and then clicked pview and export.

When pview opened I got the animation controls with the animation playing but the cube was sitting sill.

What’s up with that?

You’re probably using envelopes instead of vertex weights, which Chicken can’t convert automatically. The unstable version warns you about this… I haven’t gotten around to making an official release of that version yet, but it’s still mentioned in the manual of 1.0 in section 4. Caveats. A solution is also offered there.

or… maybe … just like someone in the pandaIRC channel made a mistake with armatures :slight_smile: thought he set them up correctly.but he rotated the entire armature-object and not the bones.
did you rotate your bones in “pose mode”?

Note: For wheel rotating, I’d suggest using a static wheel and rotating it from within your Panda3D program manually.