problems to generate texture cards

Hi buddies

I guess i´m doing some mistake in texture cards creation.
I got a folder with 4 png images: butt00.png, butt01.png, butt02.png and butt03.png

then in command line and in same folder i did:

egg-texture-cards -o butt.egg -fps 30 butt*.png

and, in response:

Unable to read image butt*.png
Some textures not found …

What´s wrong? (Panda3d-1.7 - windows)

Sure does sound like you weren’t actually in the same folder. That should have worked otherwise.

Although I guess it’s possible that the “*” is not automatically expanded when you run the command from the Windows command shell (as opposed to, say, a Cygwin shell). I thought it was, though. What happens if you spell out the four filenames?



Yeah … you´re right. Very Thanx