Problems Installing and configuring FMOD. [SOLVED]

Hello! I’m a new user and I’m a bit confused.

When I try to run an application using FMOD I get the following error:

:audio(error):   Audio library did not provide get_audio_manager_func, will use NullAudioManager

I’m working on a linux system.
I have downloaded FMOD, compiled, and installed it.

I Have edited /etc/Config.prc and I have added

audio-library-name p3fmod_audio

and didn’t work…

so I have copied the next files




and I have copied



What’s wrong? What I’m not doing in the right form?

Thanks in advance, and excuse-me but my English is not good at all.

The error message means something went wrong with the Panda3D support for fmod, perhaps at the time Panda3D was compiled. Or it means you’re loading a very old version of, or something is wrong with in general.

Did you use a precompiled version of Panda? Which one? Or did you build your own?


I’m sorry but I forgot that I compiled my own version… and reading the logs I can see:

WARNING: Could not locate thirdparty package fmodex, excluding from build

Here is the mistake.

Thanks a lot for the fast answer!!!

Now I’m going to recompile and I hope that works then. :slight_smile:

i have successfully compiled panda3d 1.8 from CVS on my fedora 15 x86_64 not too long ago and i had no trouble with file systems or anything else for that matter. also it ran my simple cube code flawlessly…