Problems exporting animated character (maya2009)


I’ve been using a Maya book to learn about skeletons, skinning and rigging. All works fine in Maya (2009), but when I export to .egg and either use Pview or import it into a ‘game environment’ I only get to see the model, not the animation. I’ve tried using the combined and separate model/animation export, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.
A simple animated sphere using keyframes does work.

I’m probably using some technique that’s not supported by the exporter, so I’ll describe my work flow (actually the book’s work flow):
I made a skeleton for the character, bound the model to the skeleton (first a nurbs model, then to a low poly version). I then added IK handles, selection handles and then animated a walk cycle and baked the keyframes.
After that I tried to export the first 20 frames (which should be one cycle). I do see and

in the .egg file, which was an issue in some other topic, so there should be some of the required information, just not what I want. :unamused:
Anyway, here are the files.

Egg file: … e.egg.html
Maya file: … mp.mb.html

All advice is welcome, I just want to know what I’m doing wrong.

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P.S. is referencing allowed?

Well, I don’t know a whole lot about Maya, but I observe there there is no vertex assignment to the joints in your egg file. (Other than that, it looks fine.)

So, whatever mechanism you’re using in Maya to assign the vertices to the bones isn’t understood by maya2egg.


Turned out to be the binding method. Apparently rigid bind is not supported. Thanks for the hint

I just checked in updated maya2egg code to support rigid binding.