Problems converting maya 2 egg with latest panda build

Hi, I recently upgraded to the latest version of Maya and Panda3D(1.10.6). I made a test model in Maya and I’m trying to convert it to an egg file using maya2egg2020 but I’m having problems.

As seen in the attachment, it gives a warning saying No intializePlugin() and then says program exited with status 3221226519. I’m not sure if this is an error or not but it is not creating any new files.


Hey Alan_V,

unfortunately I can’t help you but I’m facing exact the same issue. I’m also using the latest Maya and Panda3D Version on a Windows system.

Maybe this helps in some way?

I do not know how solve the maya2egg issues, but I may be able to offer a work-around/alternative. If you export glTF from Maya, you could try using panda3d-gltf to load the glTF file. Since glTF is a popular standard (as opposed to the Panda-specific EGG), you should be able to find much better maintained exporters.

Thanks for the feedback. For now, I just downgraded to a previous Maya version and it seems to be working fine. However, if i plan to upgrade again in the future, I will for sure look into these methods.