problem with running p3d in IE

hi guys!
i build a p3d file and try to run it in browser (local html page on my computer). It’s ok in opera, but i have problem with IE. It works only when internet connection is on !?! Otherwise i see this picture with “!” . I tried to change the security settings but no result
any ideas? thank you

Hi, welcome to the forums.

The browser plugin can only be used with a working internet connection, sorry.

What does it need the connection for? Just curious.

thank you rdb
but it works fine in opera without connection!
what am I doing wrong?

An Internet connection is required so that it can download required Panda3D libraries etc, and the actual p3d file itself.

Hope this helps,

If it works on Opera without connection, you were lucky that it was able to find the necessary files in local cache (perhaps due to the fact that you had used it earlier on Opera). You cannot rely on this, however. pdeploy with -s option in “installer” mode is the only way to publish something using the runtime that does not require a web connection.