problem with packpanda


i have a problem with packpanda

i made a breakout game in python/panda3D 1.6.2

no problems on it, it perfectly works (i’m not a very good coder but it works so that’s fine)

so i made a pack for windows with packpanda:

C:\Panda3D-1.6.2\bin>packpanda.exe --dir C:\Users\Mclodo\Documents\MCLDBreakoutDemo --name “MCLD’s Breakout DEMO VERSION” --version 1.6 --pyc --rmext py

but when i install the pack, installation is ok but at the end of the installation, there is an option (selected by default) that’s says “Run MCLDBreakout now” good but:

when i select this option, game is not running :frowning:
why? and is there a way to create a link (.lnk) on the desktop ?

i forgot to say: the game is working perfectly when installed, but need to use Windows Start Menu (dont know the exact name in english but that’s the windows logo on vista in the bottom left of screen)

and i really need to desactivate or making working the “Run MCLD’s Breakout now” because it looks as if the game don’t work thats bad feeling for user :frowning:

I found a way to disable the ‘run’ button.
Open \Panda3D-version\direct\directscripts\packpanda.nsi

Delete the following lines:


packpanda will now create a installation package without the ‘run’ button.

thanks for the reply… it will help.

but i discover that run button was working on a python-free system (that must be because working version of python on my computer is not the same as the game so on a standard user system it must work perfectly)

thanks a lot consider topic is closed