Problem with packp3d and module imports


I have a setup similar to this
    /...more yaml files

In I have

import uuid
from yaml import load
from somepackage.someotherfile import somefunc

After packing and running, the first statement works, the second and third fails. The third can be made to work by replacing with

from someotherfile import somefunc

I must be missing something. It is almost as if any modules inside packages cannot be loaded, unless it is loaded by a module at root-level, i.e. The packp3d command I am using is roughly

packp3d -o ./build/out/perseus.p3d -d ./build/src

Halp! 8)

I have the same problem, did you fix it?

You don’t mention the existence of somepackage/, do you have that file? By Python convention, you need to make the package importable from another directory.


I note that it does seem to be mentioned with respect to the first of the two lines that are giving errors (the second line), which suggests another problem for that line, at the least.