Problem with models


I have been trying a lot of tools in order to get my animated models working, but I cannot find a way to make them work.

For example, I got this model working on pview.

It works great! Animations, textures, everything perfect.

But, when I use it inside a project…

Everything fine so far… until I start the animation.


What could be wrong with this?

Anyone had a similar issue?


I’ve tryed:

Blender to X: Doesn’t work. Doesn’t export the animation, or Panda doesn’t load it.
Blender to DAE: Doesn’t work. The animations are all messed up.
Blender to SMD, then MilkShape to X: Doesn’t work. Tried a lot of configurations, but none of them works. With some configs I have the animation but not the textures, with others not animation at all, or animation messed up.
Blender to Egg: If the file was previously a DAE file, the animations don’t work. If the model was a MHX file (using MakeHuman) I have everything almost working (as seen on the previous screenshots) but the animations don’t work inside a project (but they do inside pview).

The second image usually happens to me when the bone count in my animations don’t match with the bone count in my models. haven’t really experienced that with egg files though.