Problem with MAX7 + CS4 animation export problem solved!!

After trying everything short of a voodoo dance (x exporters wouldn’t work either) I finally managed to get my CS4 animation to load into Panda (for problem description see this thread).

It’s of course deceptively simple. All you have to do is export animation and mesh together in one egg file, ie choose ‘both’ when asked what you want to export (Model/Animation/Both/Pose) and then load that egg as your animation file from the code. And it all works perfectly.

I still believe there is a bug in MAX7 exporter, but at least I’ve found a workaround.




Interesting! If you strip the model out of the resulting egg, does it still work (loading it as an animation)?

It should–that’s basically what the Actor interface does when you load an egg file as an animation that contains both an animation and a model (it just ignores the model part of it).

It appears to be some bug in the MaxEgg converter that causes it to generate a mismatched bone hierarchy when you export the egg files separately, but it generates a correct hierarchy when you export both model and animation into the same egg file.


Never thought of stripping the model info from the animation egg until now, but yes. It works fine when you remove model data.

Lovely that, thanks for working it all out. I had given up on CS export after I found a thread about it that seemed to dead end.