problem with loading animated charcater

i use blender to export this animated model:

but when i load it with the following code:

model = Actor('animation.egg')

only the cube is loaded:

how can i fix that?

You need to select the cube as well before exporting.

Also, I see the cube is parented to the armature - use the armature modifier instead.

yes yes, it’s selected

armature modifier? késako?

but this doesn’t exaplain why the sphere isn’t loaded :frowning:


if i don’t reparent the cube to my armature, how can i do an animation?

Use the Armature Modifier instead.

The Chicken manual explains it all, I think.

what kind of chicken exporter do you got? in the scripts dropdown you should have “Chicken R71c (.egg)” not what I see in the picture
plus, you haven’t to select the armature while exporting your mesh, just the mesh with applied the armature modifier, as pro_r said.