problem with directx 10 (nevermind)

Nothing huh?

Not so much as a “we don’t know” or “we don’t care” or “we don’t allow asians to post here” or anything else that would let me know to not waste my time waiting for response?

Ok. Well thank you anyway for the software, it’s very good.


Not that I didn’t not want to reply. I’m a beginner myself and still have no clue whatsoever is going on. I’m an asian too.

And please don’t feel that asians are ignored, if you pay attention closely in this forum, some of the brainer dudes are from asia, and i know one from malang - jawa timur! (a place which is 3 hours away from my hometown)

Most of these guys are extremely busy with their day to day jobs, might take longer to address/reply to certain issues. I don’t think they are paid full time to attend this forum. Perhaps they never encountered your problem before. Perhaps you did not ask the right question or perhaps your tone was a little bit harsh?
Please do understand :smiley:

All the best!

Broken Sword.

Soooo… basically what was the problem?

Regards, Bigfoot29