Problem to run samples from Start Menu

Hi, i am really newbie in Python script and Panda3D game engine so please forgive me my question looks like useless task :blush:

When i try to run sample file from start menu, i found there is no panda3D application running but if I try to run sample directly from panda3D-1.5.0\samples i found sample program running perfectly. When i compare command in Start Menu and in samples Directory i found extra -E command in sample directory shortcut. I added addition -E command in Start Menu shortcut and now i can run sample file using start menu.

Here is sample command in start menu :

and command in Panda3D-1.5.0\samples\Carousel directory :
D:\Panda3D-1.5.0\python\ppython.exe -E

I try to add Panda3D-1.5.0\samples path in Windows XP variables but i still got same problems, so i manually added extra -E command in shortcut is every Panda3D sample start menu shortcut to make all sample run from start menu.

In older release (Panda3D 1.4. 2) all sample program running from start menu without need any modification in shortcut command. Any clues about this problems ???

Thanks anyway and sorry for my bad english…

hey there !
That -E simply tells Python to ignore environment vars. So there’s gotta be a PYTHONPATH lying around in your environment vars. Perhaps it was set by other Python app. Panda sets PYTHONPATH temporarily using ppython, unless you decided to use Panda’s python as default Python location.
Try this in command prompt :

ppython -h

I haven’t tried 1.5.0 yet. Check your Panda3D\python directory, is there any .pth file ? There used to be panda.pth, contains these lines :


Without it, it won’t work.

Crap, I could have sworn I added the -E to the start menu!

Another bug for 1.5.0


Many thanks for information. I already installed python 2.4 in my hardisk for another purpose before i install panda3D. I remember when i install panda3D 1.4.2 there some kind message about using python from panda3D or from other source but i didn’t find it panda3D 1.5.