Problem Scene Editor and Particle Panel?


Tbh: I have no clue if HERE is the best place to post my question - so mods in case its wrong here can you please move it? Thanx :slight_smile:

To the problem…

I got Panda3D 1.0.5 using it for Windows this time… I installed it using Win98SE on a external Harddisk but Panda kept crashing while loading the tutorial scene so I switched over to Win2k which seems to work fine, but I have one Problem: I can’t open the “Particle FX” tab… it shows me all time the error that

:loader(error): Couldn't load file sphere: not found on model path (which is currently: "[i]cut[/i]0.5/etc/..;[i]cut[/i]0.5/etc/../models")

(plus some more rioting)

I have searched for the sphere and there is really no model called sphere in that path… there is one located at cut0.5\models\misc\sphere.bam

Is that the file that the Particle tab wants to load? I am wondering because its no problem to create a dummy sphere :open_mouth: (which is in my oppinion the same - or is it not?)

So how can I fix the Scene Editor to get the spheres working? :cry:

Also the movie is a good Idea and it gives ppl more than a plain text version but may be in a new version you can use models and anmis that are given with Panda3D? :slight_smile: (just a small question)

Regards, Bigfoot29