problem in hello world program

hi :smiley: i have installed panda3d.
Now i compile and run my hello world application without errors.
Problem is that grey window has not a title (title of hello code that is : My Panda3d window).

Anybody can help me?

Are you using visual studio 2008? A user using 2010 reported problems with setting the title too. But you should use Visual Studio 2008 - SP1 because that’s what Panda is built with.

no i am in mac os x :smiley:

I think Panda’s window creation code for OSX may fail to apply the title to the window’s title bar. Does pview show the title?


no :confused:

Running panda3d through the python gives it title so its so its some thing on C++ side?

Same issue here. If it’s a missing C++ issue shouldn’t it degrade a little more gracefully than this?