Problem dealing with classes that inherit from Actor

I have created classes that inherit from Actor so that they would characterize different types of characters, each with their own properties.

For instance, character Eve is described as follows:

class Eve(Actor):
    """ Input: id and root (the characters root nodepath) """
    def __init__(self,id,charactersRoot):
        # Must also initialize the parent class
        # Model and animation info
        # Initializing class
        #self = Actor("Models/eve/eve",{"walk":"Models/eve/eve-walk"})

        # Same for all characters:
        self.destination = None
        self.stopped = True
        self.runningAnim = False
    def findNodePathFromTag(self,rootNode,idTag):
        """ rootNode is character or building """
        nodePath = rootNode.find("=id="+str(idTag))
        print "nodepath = " + str(nodePath)
        return nodePath

The problem is: when I try to recover an Eve given an id tag (using nodepath.find() ) and try to manipulate its properties, Panda will give me the following error message:
AttributeError: ‘libpanda.NodePath’ object has no attribute ‘destination’

self.selectedCharacter = self.findNodePathFromTag(self.characters,self.picker.returnIdTag())

self.selectedCharacter.destination = self.picker.returnDestination()

I haven’t got what is happening. Was my Eve object thrown away and a nodepath with the same tags created in its place? How could I recover an actor or an Eve object instead of a nodepath?